My favorite whipping boys - the Pittsburgh Pirates

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My favorite whipping boys - the Pittsburgh Pirates

#1 Post by da_big_kid_94 » January 13th, 2013, 2:41 pm

This article is a great example about what pisses me off about the current status of baseball when it comes to profitability, revenue sharing, "Deserved income" and the like. This is what fans in Pittsburgh are forced to support. It was hoped that getting Mc Clatchy out would show some sort of turnaround as to how this franchise was run. Fat chance. Read for yourselves. As a teaser, I will post just one single paragraph here. I never thought I'd say this ...but Scott Boras? You did Mark Appel a HUGE favor but not letting him sign in Pittsburgh.
Reports in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Yahoo! Sports, ESPN and Baseball America have cast a harsh light on the militaristic methods used not only in three days of hard training by former Navy SEALS in September but also as part of a year-round mentality. A midsummer e-mail to minor league instructors from assistant general manager Kyle Stark, obtained by the Tribune-Review, included bizarre language such as "Hoka Hey," which is the Sioux translation for "It's a great day to die," as well as "Dream like a hippie" and "Be crazy and take risks like a Hells Angel." ... 14542.html
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