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#1 Post by SteveB » January 11th, 2013, 1:36 pm

Some of the biggest draft day values are players that who for whatever reason dropped
significantly in the level of play that we were accustomed. Are they starting the trend down? Have they peaked? Are they hiding an injury? Just bad luck? Will they snap back and be as productive or more productive than they were?

Here is a few..... I know there are more so we can add them as we go. Who do they think will make the adjustments and reboun

Tim Lincecum
Adrian Gonzales
Dan Uggla
Roy Halladay

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#2 Post by Black Sox » January 11th, 2013, 2:14 pm

My thoughts.....

Tim Lincecum - I like him to rebound maybe not Cy Young but upper tier SP
Adrian Gonzales - Not who I thought he was which was an elite 1B with the loss of power he's now a step below
Dan Uggla - I loved him last year and I'm avoiding him this year
Roy Halladay - I don't see it. In my mind you just can't throw that many innings for that long and think that it's not going to catch up with you. He scares me.

My targets are players coming off down years but who are young or in there prime. I feel with the move away from PED's I'm shying away from older players coming off down years hoping to rebound and instead looking for young players who didn't perform up to expectation for one reason or another.

For me ( so far ) I'm really high on....

Jacoby Ellsbury - Think he has the year this year he was supposed to have last year. Won't hit 30 HR but 18-22 lots of runs and I belive he hit's .300 with 40 - 50 SB

Eric Hosmer - Think he delivers this year very unlucky last year

Ike Davis - I think he raises the BA and keeps the power. 1 year removed from valley fever

Most Red Sox - Pedrioa, Napoli ( you know he's going to sign ) Middlebrooks Lester - Feel like last year was a perfect storm ( or maybe a bobby storm ) of bad fortune. These things have a way of evening out.

Shin Soo Choo - Love the move to Cin better line up = better counting stats

BJ Upton - Just a gut feeling but feel like he can hit for a little higher AVG in ATL which really helps boost his value

J.Pierre C.Crisp & C.Maybin - 3 reasons why I'm targeting power early. Love the value they bring where you have to pick them

I'm sure I'll develop more but those are mine right now.
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