Hitting CVRC

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Hitting CVRC

#1 Post by aburt19 » December 21st, 2012, 4:16 pm

There appears to be a minor problem with the hitting CVRC. I changed Cowgill from the AL to the NL. As I went through
the values, the numbers for Alexi Casilla are weird. It shows him with the following values: HR -22.36, RBI -14.04, SB 43.68,
BA 2.16 and runs -10.60. It did total to the -1 shown as his price. He was the only player with this problem.

I then changed Cowgill back to the AL and ran the values. Both Casilla and Cowgill had unusual numbers. Cowgill showed
HR 7.48, RBI 5.29, SB -27.55, BA 3.31, runs 10.64. Casilla showed HR -6.22, RBI -3.90, SB 11.44, BA .62 and runs -2.95.
Cowgill and Casilla were the only two player with unusual looking numbers. The unusual numbers did add up to the total
value shown, which in both cases was -1.

Are the totals shown for those two players correct at -$1in spite of the fact that the individual numbers are
unusual? Cowgill will disappear with him going to the NL.


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Re: Hitting CVRC

#2 Post by Todd Zola » December 21st, 2012, 8:01 pm

The important thing is the overall value is correct. The category dollars should be ignored (pretty much for everyone). I'm not including them on the generic projections worksheet this season to emphasize that.

The increased automation has messed them up, though at one point I did figure out a way to make the $CAT better but still not perfect. To avoid confusion, I'll see if I can dig up that version and use it going forward, but the bottom line is the final value/ranking is accurate.
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