And the Hot Stove Starts to heat up

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And the Hot Stove Starts to heat up

#1 Post by da_big_kid_94 » November 11th, 2012, 9:21 am

A few morsels to file in the back of your respective brains man, Bill Madden, 11/11/12 NY Daily news:

Item 1;
Word is Scott Boras once again sought to tap his favorite owner patsy, the Tigers’ Mike Ilitch, about signing Rafael Soriano to be his closer, only to be told by the old man that he couldn’t do that (sacrificing a No. 1 draft pick) to his baseball people. And speaking of Boras, A’s GM Billy Beane is resigned to having to find a new shortstop to replace Boras client/free agent Stephen Drew. “We like Stephen a lot,” said Beane, “but usually when Scott is shopping a free agent, I’m the 30th GM he calls. So if he does, I’ll know I have him back."

Read more: ... z2BvJiu0YY
Item 2;
The Braves, realizing they won’t be able to keep center fielder/leadoff man Michael Bourn, are talking to the Twins about Denard Span. The Twins desperately need starting pitching — of which the Braves have a surplus — and Span is now expendable in Minnesota after the breakthrough year of right fielder Ben Revere (40 stolen bases).
Item 3;
This one's a beaut
More recently, as the Seattle Mariners’ international scouting director, Engle was responsible for the signing of Felix Hernandez. “Last year we spent a total of $177,000 on international scouting,” Colletti said, “when the limit was $2.9 million.”
That's Ned Colletti - new Dodger GM speaking. HOW bad were the Mc Court's for baseball? Guys .... forget the Yankees. MLB didn't want Mark Cuban in? They let him in anyhow ...he just looks a lot like Magic Johnson these days!

And BTW ---thank you Coach ...and to ALL of the vets out there. We're smart enough to know we'd be facing a helluva different world without your bravery and sacrifice.
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