Self-analyzing: Players I have in over half of my leagues

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Self-analyzing: Players I have in over half of my leagues

#1 Post by dietrichdingers » March 27th, 2017, 12:17 am

I'm in 5 leagues, 4 mixed and an AL only with various amounts of depth and teams. Here are the players I ended up with multiple times and a short self-analysis. Interested in thoughts on these players from anyone reading this.

4 times:
Grant Dayton - I have Dayton in all 4 of my mixed leagues. They're all leagues where either I care about K/9 more than Ks, or holds are a factor. In those types of leagues he was just always available for $1 or at the end of the draft.

3 times:
Gary Sánchez - Sanchez has massive upside as can be seen in his fantastic batted ball profile from last season. He is going to get plate appearances and his floor is pretty high as a catcher. I was surprised there wasn’t more hype on him after what he did in 2016, and I was happy with him at the prices I could get him.

Troy Tulowitzki - Tulo was a league average hitter last year, but based on his K/BB ratio and his statcast data, he was much better at the plate than the results give him credit for. This is why I think he is being drastically undervalued. Then take into account that he was playing hurt last year when he was on the field, and there's some upside on top.

The players I have twice with short explanations:
Alex Gordon - Bounceback candidate for almost free
Freddie Freeman - He's great, and he new park can't be worse, right?
Marcus Semien - Underrated
Billy Hamilton - Fill out steals
Eric Thames - Lots of upside for his price
Tommy Joseph - Consistently undervalued
Joe Panik - I'm not really a huge fan, just ended up with him?
Jose Bautista - I'm not buying that he's done yet
Cam Bedrosian - Undervalued
Andrew Triggs - Was virtually free both times
Andrew Miller - I'm in 2 SV+HLD leagues
Nate Jones - see above
Sean Doolittle - see above
Arodys Vizcaíno - see above

Players I thought I was high on but didn't get any shares of:
Felix Hernandez - Like him as a bounceback but his price was always way too high
Matt Holliday - I thought I was higher on Holliday than anyone, but didn't end up with him anywhere. Will probably try to trade for him.

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Re: Self-analyzing: Players I have in over half of my leagues

#2 Post by steveymer » March 31st, 2017, 8:59 am

I was just making the same list for myself. I started drafting early in the offseason and ended up with 10 teams. Don't have too many players on half or more of them, but the ones on at least 4 are:

Murphy (5) - i (and the projections) seem to trust the growth more than the market at large does
L. Cain (4) - coming at a discount; speed, middle of lineup, not injured yet
Lamb (4) - like the power, growth potential
Moustakas (4) - easy bounce-back pick, available relatively late

Tanaka (6) - ace potential at cheaper price
Morton (5) - cheap; perhaps a good run before he gets hurt
Desclafini (5) - ouch
Barnes (4) - trusting Todd, but always such a late pick that I can't be too upset if it doesn't work out :)
Skaggs (4) - guess he had a bit more upside than other SPs available at that point in drafts?
Triggs (4) - see Barnes

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