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 Post subject: Fantasy Baseball Standings Tracking / Projections
PostPosted: February 9th, 2017, 11:34 am 

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Has anyone tried to build or successfully use a spreadsheet that incorporates the current league standings and moving forward projections to project category finishes and Final Standings? In my home keeper league, Roto 5X5, almost standard (OBP and QS replaces AVG and Ws) there are a ton of trades as we near the trade deadline. I (all of us) are constantly trying to figure out in what areas we can help our teams or hurt other teams in the category standings....then, in a 2 week span, so many rosters flip, and it is hard to see how all the moves impact the various categories.

I started to attempt to build a somewhat basic version last year mid-season, but ran out of time. My thought was to download the current standings with total stats in each category on one tab. I would then have team tabs with players current stats. The moving forward projections would be a simple calculation. It could take the current stats / divided by games played by that player and then multiply it by the remaining number of games for projections. I would then have cells set up for Adjustments. These would be players that you truly feel will perform drastically different moving forward for a number of reasons. Whether it be injuries, slumps, call-ups, etc. The final tab would add the current standings stats to the projected stats and calculate the projected standings.

This is basic, far from perfect, and with my intermediate/ a little advanced level of excel, would be more manual than I would want it to be. it would be manual adjustments with trades. It is difficult finding a way to download just the 10 categories by player and match with their "teams". I think it would be most useful around the mid point of the season, 6 weeks prior to trade deadline. When two teams pull off a 4 for 4 or 5 for 5 trade, it can cause a lot of shifting. It is an excellent way to evaluate the impact of dump trades so you can still focus on winning the current year.

So, has anyone tried this? Is there a software that you find useful?

Todd: I feel you have had to have built something to accomplish this.

Thanks for your feedback.
Mike Scott

 Post subject: Re: Fantasy Baseball Standings Tracking / Projections
PostPosted: February 9th, 2017, 12:08 pm 
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Several commissioner services have that feature, but of course you're subject to the house projections, so to speak.

Your moving forward projection, to be honest, is not a good way to do it at all. I know you have the ability to override it, but truthfully, every player needs to be overridden.

Rest-of-season projections are part of the in-season content with our Platinum package. They're a combo of what's happened and what was originally expected, distilled down to skills, then expanded back to the standard projection. Some in-season skills, like CT%, stabilize faster thus can be considered a new skill level. Others take a long time, so it's best to regress towards what was expected.

Someone decent with Excel can design a spreadsheet, pretty easily, to compute ROS standings. You'd need a clean way of dumping in standings, then a clean way of dumping in rosters, with the names being exactly the same as the projections so vlookup could be used. Either that or have an index page where the names from the teams are cross-referenced to the MLB ID which is used as the vlookup for the ROS projections, which come with the MLB ID.

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