DFS Baseball Observations

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DFS Baseball Observations

#1 Post by alleyoops » July 23rd, 2015, 8:22 pm

I've been doing DFS baseball somewhat actively since the start of last season. Playing mostly cheap cash leagues, often with many entries in a day/evening. I've been somewhat regular on FanDuel, DraftKings, DraftDay, Fantasy Aces, Fantasy Feud, FantasyScore, and StatClash. I've made the following observations, and wonder if these correlate with others'?

1. I do best on the site with one SP - FanDuel. In fact, that is the only site on which I'm a net winner in baseball. No idea why, although it might relate to the next point.

2. I do best in contests with a limited number of games - the fewer the better. I think this is because a) many of the better players don't play these contests and b) some players try to get cute and pick bargain guys in these contests, unnecessarily.

3. Frequently my results are better in contests which I enter just before the deadline. Maybe this is because the contests that open early tend to get more players who are regulars and have put in a lot of prep time early?

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