Todd's Mixed LABR team

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Todd Zola
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Todd's Mixed LABR team

#1 Post by Todd Zola » February 14th, 2017, 9:49 am

Defending my 2016 Title from the 12-hole

Complete Board

C Lucroy (4), Realmuto (9)
1B/3B Cron (14), Donaldson (1), Headley (27) [Mauer (25), Cuthbert (29)]
2B/SS Travis (11), Semien (13), Droobs (17)
OF/UT JD Martinez (3), Eaton (7), Kiermaier (12), Melky (18), Pillar (19), Rosario (22) [Seth Smith (24)]
SP MadBum (2), Carrasco (5), Teheran (8), Lackey (15), Shoemaker (16), Triggs (20), Finnegan (23) [Skaggs (21), Strahm (26), Devenski (28)]
CL Britton (6), Colome (10)

YAWN, boring, I know, but that was by design. I went through my upside phase and found a lot of downside to it.

Pitching should be the team strength with an offense that gets what it needs to complement the arms. OF and CI are weak, but filled with full-time players which is all I really wanted. Strahm and Devenski are likely to start in the bullpen but what I like about them is while there K/9 won't be stellar, they're likely to throw a ton of innings so the raw K total should match that of a more dominant reliever and if they end up starting, Yahtzee! Basically, instead of speculating for saves from my useful relievers, I'm speculating for starts.

Comments welcome.
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Captain Hook
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Re: Todd's Mixed LABR team

#2 Post by Captain Hook » February 15th, 2017, 11:56 am

I thought when I saw the board after the first round and turn that you were very lucky to get Donaldson at 12
Not as sure about the Bumgarner pick but it could certainly work and I agree there wasn't a compelling alternative there - just speculation

I think you will have a good chance

I like the pitching staff construction (not a Finnegan fan though, especially on a bad team (Reds not yours) in a bad ballpark).

GL - would be great to repeat

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