Mastersball Team in FSTA Experts League

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Mastersball Team in FSTA Experts League

#1 Post by Todd Zola » January 24th, 2017, 10:03 am

C Lucroy, Bandy
1B/3B Arenado, Freeman, A-Gonz (Cuthbert)
2B/SS Pedroia, Crawford, Asdrubal (KMarte, CHernandez)
OF Pollock, Cespedes, Eaton, Calhoun, Kiermaier (Haniger)
UT Margot

SP Carrasco, Duffy, Eickhoff, DeSclafani, Cotton, Estrada, Strahm (Finnegan)
RP Colome, WDavis (Devenski)

Lawr and I have been drafting together in the league for several years (winning in 2013, I believe). You never leave a partnership draft with the team you'd have picked solo, but I honestly believe this is our best blend of my guys, his guys and our guys.

Biggest concern for me is SP2 and SP3 -- however you may recognize the notion that an above average closer helps your staff in ratios and K and we hope we have two such guys, in essence strengthening SP2 and SP3.

Questions, comments, fire away.
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