Todd's team in the Rotowire Magazine Mock

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Todd's team in the Rotowire Magazine Mock

#1 Post by Todd Zola » December 8th, 2016, 3:09 pm

15-team NFBC style, 30 rounds, legal by the end of 30

7th pick

C: Lucroy (4), Herrmann (22)
1B/3B: Cron (11), Turner (9), Joseph (21)
2B/SS: Murphy (3), Marte (18), Harrison (23)
OF: Blackmon (1), Pollock (2), Kemp (6), Calhoun (12), Thames (15)
UT: Markakis (26)
SP: Archer (5), Tanaka (7), Keuchel (10), Lackey (14), Roark (16), Cotton (17), Davies (19)
RP: Colome (8), Watson (13)

R: Kennedy (20), Triggs (24), Strahm (25), Kendrick (27), Cuthbert (28), J McCann (29), Perdomo (30)


- Not a fan of the first three picks. Should have planned on either Blackmon or Pollock and a power guy (Donaldson?). Really don't like Murphy in conjunction with the first two but the idea was to get big BAvg buffer and chip away with low BAvg guys that have power or speed.

- Along those lines, really don't like Lucroy as a fit with the top-three since he contributes BAvg, along with other stuff of course.

- It's only one draft, but not a big fan of a middle pick. I'm big on team construct which is easier from either end.

- Tell me I can start every 15-team draft with Archer in the 5th and I'll take that.

- Not psyched with Tanaka as SP2 but he is underrated. I LOVE a lot of late, unproven arms so the plan was to build a safe base then throw darts. I feel like I did this, but not as well as I wanted. Guessing it's because of Keuchel as SP3. But in R10, that was enough of a discount to take a shot.

- Needed an exit strategy in case Thames flames out. Even though he's OF now, I'm thinking of him as a 1B, which is one reason I took a couple of flyer 1B in Joseph and Cron. Murphy can go to 1B, hence Kendrick and Cuthbert (who should be 2B early in the season).

- If D-Backs really use Herrmann as everyday catcher, that's a steal. But not 100% sure they will so James McCann is a nice hedge.

- BIG deficiency at shortstop. It's not so much betting on Ketel Marte to win the job, I think he's the favorite over Owings and Ahmed but it's obviously not a sure thing. Most feel I'm in the minority which is fine. If this was the real NFBC Main, I'd have a shortstop on reserve. That said, if this was the real NFBC Main, the scenario with Herrmann, Thames, Cuthbert etc., would be fleshed out so I wouldn't have as much coverage there, instead grabbing another shortstop.
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