Which SP gets dropped?

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Which SP gets dropped?

#1 Post by MaestroJay » July 20th, 2017, 7:10 am

5x5 OBP Roto IP limit 1400 562 left

R - 6
HR - 10
RBI - 5
SB - 5
OBP - 4
W - 7
SV - 9
K - 7.5
ERA - 9
WHIP - 9

C - Castillo
1B - Rizzo
2B - Cano
3B - Turner
SS - Machado
CI - Beltre
MI - D.Gordon
OF - Cespedes/Conforto/Marte
UTIL - Polanco
BN - Longoria/Martinez

SP - Taillon/Wood/Fulmer/Severino/Nova
RP - Diaz/Giles
P - Rivero
BN - Pomeranz/Corraasco/Samardzija

Right now, Martinez is not on the DL, so I don't have a spot from that. However I could use another outfielder in general, because any Pitts or Mets off day I'm without 2.Also, I really don't have a backup SS after Machado.Though options for that are limited with Nunez being a health ? right now.

Presuming Martinez doesn't go on the DL the next day or two is Pomeranz or Nova the drop for the Outfielder?

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Todd Zola
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Re: Which SP gets dropped?

#2 Post by Todd Zola » July 20th, 2017, 11:46 am

In a league with an IP maximum that you will achieve, you shouldn't have ever had Nova on your roster -- he kills your chance to finish high in strikeouts.
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