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Hicks or Kiermaeir for ROS and 2018

Posted: July 20th, 2017, 12:28 pm
by CubFan
12 team AL only 5x5 H2H keeper league. Can protect a max of 8. $260 budget.

Have an offer of my $4 Seth Smith for a $1 Hicks. May be able to trade for Kiermaeir. I wasn't planning on keeping Smith so thought I could flip him. Since Gardner and Ellsbury are under contract for 2018 has Hicks established himself enough to be the favorite to start or will this be a 4 man rotation with the odd guy out being the DH (Holliday will be a FA in 2018)? Kiermaeir seems the safer bet but his "die for his country" type of all out play on defense seems to make him an injury risk for the rest of his career.

So, who would you prefer?