Anyone want dollar values for their league RoS?

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Anyone want dollar values for their league RoS?

#1 Post by dietrichdingers » July 19th, 2017, 11:52 pm

I wrote something that calculates values for pretty much any league settings. I think this is most useful if your league uses non-standard stats or positions and needs adjustment based on that (I play in leagues this year that use OPS, SV+HLD, W+QS, etc, and a league that uses C, 1Bx2, 2Bx2, 3Bx2, SSx2, OFx5, UTIL and it drastically changes some player values).

If you're interested, let me know your settings...
- Categories
- Number of teams
- Website (for position eligibility, ESPN or Yahoo, or if you're in an AL or NL only league or using a different site, send me a file with players and position eligibility and I can customize it for you)
- Pitcher/hitter split (by default I'll use 70/30)
- What projections you want to use (by default I'll use Fangraphs RoS depth chart)
- Your email where I can send the file (PM me if you don't want to share here)

I'm using this myself to find trade targets for the deadline that fit my team for the stretch run, and I want to help some of the community here :)

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