It's getting late early...too early to reload for next year?

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It's getting late early...too early to reload for next year?

#1 Post by IronCondor » April 21st, 2017, 8:44 pm

Hi Todd - I'm in a 8x8 13 team mixed keeper league with the typical 5x5 categories plus walks, OPS and Ks on hitting and Quality starts, holds, and K/BB on pitching. After winning my league last year with great keepers I find myself in second to last with a lot of guys putting up UGLY numbers.

I've got a slew of players underperforming or hurt including Donaldson, Gausman, Bautista, Encarncion, Manaea, Contreras, Correa, Smyly and Musgrove. (The players keeping me out of last are Lindor, Moustakas and Devinski.) While most should right the ship, I'm in a really deep hole and openly questioning if I should just cut bait and load up on keepers for next year.

I can keep up to four players and they will cost me my 9th-12th round draft picks next year. (Each year inflation costs me two more rounds so my 12th round become 10 in 2018 becomes 8 in 2019 etc). I already have Moncada stashed and am patiently waiting for Bellinger to get closer to a call up before pouncing.

I am willing to continue to exercising excruciating patience but at what point do you recommend I call the season lost and reload for next season?

Thanks Todd for your helpful feedback as always

If you think my core is strong enough to turn things around would you cut Musgrove for Alex Wood or Andriese? I need quality starts and Musgrove hasn't gone deeper than 5 in three starts.

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