Roto roster construction

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Roto roster construction

#1 Post by bhawks19 » March 20th, 2017, 1:54 pm

Hey guys,

I normally play head to head leagues and got talked in to splitting a team in a non standard roto league. I'm curious as to how I should be structuring this roster compared to my head to head leagues as they severely limit transactions and discourages streaming. League structure is as follows.

It's a mixed 5 X 5 league with OBP instead of AVG. 1 position player per spot on the infield. No corner or middle infield spot. 3 general outfield spots with 2 utility spots. For pitching they run 9 spots and we have 5 bench spots. We are able to edit line up daily until game start in which case players lock for the day. Limited to 160 add/drops for the season.

This will be my first roto league and I'm unfamiliar with how to structure this type of roster compared to my head to head leagues. Any advice would be welcome. Going to be trial by fire as I try to learn this style quickly.

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