How do I access the Mastersball Forum using Tapatalk?

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How do I access the Mastersball Forum using Tapatalk?

#1 Post by JP Kastner » April 15th, 2010, 12:36 pm

Install the Tapatalk client on your phone and start it. Click on the Search link, enter Mastersball and click on the button that starts the search function. Click on the Mastersball logo to enter the forum. There is a means of logging into the Mastersball Forum provided by the client software. Until you log in, you will not be able to post.

For more information, visit the Tapatalk website at

*** Please Note ***
Mastersball cannot answer phone specific questions about the Tapatalk client as it is a third-party application. If are having problems using Tapatalk, please visit Tapatalk.
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