Yet Another Satellite Thread

The NFBC Rookie Invitational sponsored by Mastersball and the National Fantasy Baseball Championship is a special league of rookie NFBC participants under the guidance and tutelage of some NFBC veterans and the staff of Mastersball.

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Yet Another Satellite Thread

#1 Post by AllstonRockCity » April 2nd, 2010, 9:17 am

This was supposed to be my only team other than my AL-Only, but the Rookie Invitational was too tempting to pass on. So, needless to say, I've spent about 2 months getting ready for this.

From the 13-Hole, The Mayan Empire:

C: McCann 3, Olivo, 20
1B: Morales 4, Branyan (res) 22
3B: Wright 2, Wigginton (res) 30
CI: Kouzmanoff 16
2B: Asdrubal 9, Schumaker (res) 21
SS: Tulo 1
MI: Barmes 17
OF: McLouth 6, Span 8, Gutierrez 12, Reimold 15, Podsednik 19, Ankiel (res) 25, Schierholtz (res) 27
U: whoever is hot between Schumaker, Branyan and Ankiel

RP: Qualls 10, Fuentes 11, Adams 24, Mijares (res) 29
SP: Hamles 5, Shields 7, Harden 13, Slowey 14, Correia 18, Marcum 23, CJWilson (res) 26, Maholm (res) 28

I was praying that either Wright or Tulo would make it to me at 13, well, I got both of them and had a real good feeling from there on out.

I think my offense looks good. I can tailor my lineup for power (ankiel, branyan), speed (pods) or AVG (Schumaker, Schierholtz) depending on my needs/matchups, possibly exploiting the Friday Sub rule. While my OF is light on power, my IF is loaded with it and looking over the other teams' rosters, appears to be a top 3 infield, no problem.

I like the starting pitching. I have some injury risk there, but a safe pitcher is an oxymoron in my book.

Draft Highlights: Cano in the 1st, Bartlett in the 2nd, TO THE SAME TEAM :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hafner in the 10th
Webb lasted until the 20th round.
One team has Manny, Soriano and Beltran in their OF.
McCutchen and Victorino went before Ichiro, Bourn right after.

I know that no one cares about anyone else's team, but I just couldn't not post it. After all, it would not look anything like this without this forum.

question, concerns, comments??
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