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#71 Post by SteveB » March 20th, 2012, 2:26 pm

well guys is was a fun draft...I kind of was distracted on my lst 5-6 rounds and think a few of you way out drafted me there. I dont hate my team but Ryan C for instance sniped a lot of value at the end of the draft and i normally dont let that happen. I think its also a product of going P in 2,3...It made me think about hitters all the time..so when i got to end of the draft there was good value hitters and i was scraping the bottom of the barrell for solid innings. I dont think i would ever draft that way in a money league but i think it can clearly be pulled off...I just waited to long to fill in the back end of my staff and thus gave away a lot of the lead i got from taking both Ps so early.

Good job everyone....gonna be a fun year very curious how this will come out by the years end.

C Buster Posey
C Russell Martin
1b Freddie Freeman
2b Rickie weeks
3b Alex Rodriquez
ss JJ Hardy
CI Kendry MOrales (Lonnie Chisenhall)
MI Dustin Ackley (Sean Rodriquez)
OF Ryan Braun
OF Nelson Cruz
Of Chrs Young
OF Logan Morrison
OF JD Martinez
UT Nolan Reimond (Kyle Seagar)
P Roy Halladay
P Felix Hernandez (Tim Hudson)
P Cory Luebke
P Trevor Cahill (chad Billingsley)
P Eric Surkamp (Ed Volquez)
P Jon Niese
P Sergio Romo
P Rafeal Betancourt
P Huston Street

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#72 Post by Black Sox » March 20th, 2012, 3:38 pm

Well this was informative. Had a great time drafting, and think I did a decent job with the team ( other than losing Soria before we've even played a game). My strategy to start with was to bully hitting and load up on SP later in the draft that I could stream in and out. I think I was succesful and provided they stay healthy and perform, I should have the top offense in the league. I was succesful with my pitching strategy except I just feel I could have tweaked it a little and came out with one more upper tier starter. My plan going in was to dominate saves and select 4 closers, however I've lost Soria already and since Myers/Guerra are bottom tier closers I'll need them to either perform better than I planned for or I'll need to see if I can capture another one off the wire during the year. Overall I like the team and it should finish in the upper 1/2 of the league. A move here or there and were adding another trophy to the case. Had a great time doing this, and think I'll be buying an NFBC slow draft team next year.

C. C. Santana
C. Y.Molina
1B. C.Lee
2B D.Uggla
SS E.Andrus
3B A Beltre
CI R.Roberts
MI N.Walker
OF M Kemp
OF C.Hart
OF C.Maybin
OF C.Crisp
OF J.Willingham
UT J.Looney

J.Lowrie C.Ianetta

P Z.Grienke
P B.Beachy
P J.Beckett
P S.Baker
P M.Minor
P J.Soria
P.J. Motte
P B.Myers
P J.Guerra

F.Liariano P.Hughes M.Burhle F. Salas T.Clippard
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#73 Post by grant » March 20th, 2012, 3:55 pm

Overall, I'm very happy with this squad. Went for value above all, and tried to draft the most balanced team while avoiding injury risks and overhyped rookies.

10 Justin Upton OF ARI - A steal at 10. I'm high on him this year. Easy to forget he's only 24.
15 Robinson Cano 2B NYY - Even more of a steal. Could easily be a batting title/MVP candidate this season.
34 Jay Bruce OF CIN - I seem to be higher on him than most. A few more walks and that avg. comes right up.
39 Ryan Zimmerman 3B WAS
58 Paul Konerko 1B CHW
63 Dan Haren SP LAA - Great value here. A much improved Angels offense should mean W's galore.
82 Madison Bumgarner SP SF
87 Brett Gardner OF NYY - Essentially market value here, but if he gets 300 ABs atop the order, watch out.
106 John Axford RP MIL
111 Erik Aybar SS LAA - Criminally underrated, and just now in his prime.
130 Matt Garza SP CHC - Insane value here.
135 Paul Goldschmidt 1B ARI - Love the upside, and I hedged against the avg. risk later on.
154 Kelly Johnson 2B TOR - I think the trade messed with his head, and this year he settles in and rakes.
159 Max Sherzer SP DET - Virtually every SP on my squad has 180+ K potential.
178 Jordan Walden RP LAA
183 Wilson Ramos C WAS - Hyped to the point of almost being overrated… almost. ;)
202 Jose Tabata OF PIT
207 Lucas Duda 1B/OF NYM - "They moved the fences in." ;)
226 Frank Francisco RP NYM
231 Devin Mesoraco C CIN - 300 ABs from him will be better than 450 from 7 or 8 of the other guys.
250 Mat Gamel 3B MIL - Please let this be the year you get your sh*t together, Mat.
255 Bud Norris SP HOU - Could win 20 games. Ok, kidding - might not win 8, but he could K 200 (srsly).
274 Ryan Dempster SP CHC - Just insane value at this price, if the BABiP rights itself.
279 Mark Melancon RP BOS -
301 Jon Sanchez SP KC
303 Alex Presley OF PIT
322 Greg Holland RP KC
327 Andrew Cashner RP CHC - I might have 6 closers by June. ;)
346 John Jay OF STL - solid career splits and a full time gig (finally).
351 Brian Matusz SP BAL - Please let this be the year you get your sh*t together, Brian.

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#74 Post by Trav The Ump » March 20th, 2012, 11:03 pm

I don't really wish to post my whole team, you can click the google spreadsheet in the post below this one on the board. I'll give you my thoughts and my draft strategy and few a insights into my thinking.

1. I did really enjoy this draft, however if I wasn't on one of the ends I think it would have been really intrusive on my life. Much prefer just plowing through a draft in a single sit down.

2. Honest admission, I know nothing about the NL. Literally nothing. I've played AL only for going on 18 years and only played mixed once or twice in terrible Yahoo leagues. I tried to use this draft to familiarize myself with some of the Astro's guys going into next years move. However I only landed Wandy.

3. Going in I did not intend to not draft catchers, just after the first few went I felt they were all the same guy with different warts. I much preferred others when catchers went and figured after about round ten why bother. I'll just leave them to my last two picks to throw everyone off. With the amount of injury risk catchers pose, the lack of games played and the overall suck-ti-tude of catchers I figured I'd rather fill my roster other places.

4. My pitching plan was to wait out value picks, I felt I did this just fine. However I have no healthy pitchers, at all. Its ridiculous. Gambling on high end closers is playing with fire but with how my starters were filling in I felt I should zig while others were zagging.

5. The lows - I didn't realize how low people were on Crawford, I way overdrafted him. Kenley Jansen, combination of big time reach by me combined along with the fact I was pressed to make the pick because of the nature of the slow draft and just trying not to hold it up for everyone.

6. The highs - Really happy with my hitting overall, I wanted to fill my starters with just tons of at bats and that may come at the expense of "potential". The only guy I wanted to mention specifically was Colby Rasmus. I think Toronto is going to score a ton this year and he will be an important part of this. He's only 25 and may just need a solid offseason and spring training in Toronto to be ready for a good season. I'll be targeting him in my auction league as well.

7. The others - Whipsaw sniped me a number of times and because of that I really like his team. Got some boom or bust pitchers that if they don't work out he can just drop. Also really like Southpaw's team, really well rounded.

I'm glad we are playing it out, had we just done a mock I may not have participated and will do my best to make sure I stay competitive through out the season. If you've got any questions or comments please feel free to ask, I'm happy to chat!
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1B - Hosmer KC $20, Davis BAL $12
3B - Castellanos DET $5
2B - Lowrie OAK $10
SS - Semien OAK $5, Bogaerts BOS $10
DH - V. Martinez DET $20
OF - Trout LAA $60, Betts BOS $15, Pillar TOR $10, Dickerson TB $25, Kim BAL $10
P - Kluber CLE $12, Price BOS $39, Smyly TB $8, Rodriguez BOS $11, Andriese TB $10, Fister HOU $10, Shields CHW $17, Dyson TEX $4, Madson OAK $1

IR - Soto LAA $1
Minors -

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#75 Post by AllstonRockCity » March 21st, 2012, 7:14 am

OK, here's my squad:

C: McCann, Salty
CI: Tex, Bautista, Sanchez
MI: Zobrist, Rollins, J Weeks
OF: Choo, Beltran, Swisher, Brantley, Boesch
U: Joyce
P: Cain, Romero, Zimmermann, McCarthy, Bard, Masterson
P: Farnsworth, League, JimJohnson

B: Span, CDavis, Pennington, Cowgill
B: H Alvarez, Perkins, J Parker*

*it looks like Parker was sent down yesterday, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be recalled as soon as OAK needs a 5th starter and that this was done solely in an attempt to give them more time to see which of their myriad OFs/1Bs stick and which ones don't

My strategy is what it always is:
-Focus on my IF early, but don't pass up on counting stats just because of perceived positional scarcity
-By doing the above it allows me to grab all the falling value in SPs and OFs (the 2 largest inventories) in the middle rounds
-I wanted 2 of my top 18 SPs, but failed in that attempt
-Grab 3 closers. Since there are 12 teams (and only 30 MLB teams) this gives me an instant advantage over the teams that will have only 2
-Grab some streaming candidates late so I can play the 2 start/1 great start game. I like to have 4 guys I can trust and 3 closers so that there are only 2 P spots to mess with on a weekly basis
-Don't embarrass myself
-Make some people laugh
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#76 Post by whipsaw » March 21st, 2012, 8:37 pm

My team:

C- Suzuki, Hernandez
1b- MCab
2b- Casilla
3b- Youkilis
SS- Reyes
MI- Escobar
CI- Prado
OF- Holliday, Ethier, Bourjos, Fowler, Francoeur
UT- Butler

BN- Howard, Harper, Helton, Rolen, Carroll

SP- Sabathia, Strasburg, Moore, Cueto, Garcia, Floyd, Worley
RP- Papelbon, Balfour

BN- Pestano, Bedard

Comments on team: This is a very typical *me* team. I'm a sucker for high batting average, and showcased that with this draft. No less than 6 starters here who could easily top a .300 BA. I like to pound that category and let the chips fall where they may in the other categories. I like to fill in my relatively stable high BA guys with upside plays, and accomplished that with Bourjos, Fowler, and Harper and a few others. I think Howard was a mistake pick, I should have delved more into the full extent of his injury. He could give me 4 months of good play or absolutely nothing. Just a dumb pick.

On the pitching side, again I like bounceback candidates and high upside young plays. I think Cueto, Garcia, and Floyd are on the upswing and true value is hidden by past imperfections that suppressed their market value. Strasburg and Moore have unlimited upside IMO. Ended up being in a position where I had to throw darts a little with closers due to that last run really shutting me out. I got a little lucky on Balfour getting the nod already coming out of camp.

I think this is a boom or bust team, really. I could see it winning by 15 points or being in last by 15 if some of my upside plays don't pan out as I hope they will.

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#77 Post by mbendar » March 25th, 2012, 10:41 pm

To be quite honest, I was emailing picks to Ryan to keep the draft moving, but wasn't crossing off names and don't have my full team handy anywhere. All I can say is that I took a lot more risk and youngsters than I typically do with my teams, most notably Stanton, Castro and Heyward.

As I'm sure we all are, my focus shifted to my live drafts, a couple which were in the past week including my online championships. Because of not having my full team for this draft but in spirit of providing a 12-teamer, I'll post my team for thoughts, with some comments:

1 - Tulowitzki - started the same as this draft. Was stunned to have the choice between Braun and Tulo, but decided that for the 12 team format, Tulo was the better base because of the advantage he provides at SS.

2 - Kinsler - thrilled with this pick - the injury risk brings him to this pick, but another full year and he won't be available in the 2nd next year IMO.

3- Holliday - just a solid bat and a nice complement to the 1st 2 picks.

4- Lincecum - take last year's effort, with the hope he increases a notch closer to '08 and '09 levels.

5 - Haren - a rock solid #2.

6 - McCann - a big fan of his and think it's a competitive advantage to have 2 strong catchers in the 12 team format.

7 - Konerko - Wow was my reaction here - a steal if the dropoff some may expect due to age doesn't happen and he hits to '10 and '11 level - in this round, a slight dropoff and it's still a solid pick.

8 - MMontero - see McCann above - solid catcher #2 here.

9 - Ichiro - need a nice speed option and thought the right round to get him.

10 - Papelbon - nice spot to get one of the best closers.

11 - Garza
12 - BWilson
13 - Moustakas
14 - Carpenter - news wasn't out yet, but not terrible overreach here
15 - Beltran
16 - Freese
17 - McCarthy
18 - Pagan
19 - THunter
20 - Guerra
21 - AHill
22 - Billingsley
23 - HAlvarez
24 - ACraig
25 - RDickey
26 - Lowrie
27 - LaHair
28 - Pomeranz
29 - ALaRoche
30 - LScott

Will do my best to stay active with the Mastersball league, but will be honest to say that my 7 money teams will be my main focus.


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#78 Post by deansdaddy » March 27th, 2012, 10:51 am

All owners rosters have been uploaded to the OnRoto.com website. You all should have received invites. Please click on the link and join the league. Check your rosters.
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#79 Post by whipsaw » March 28th, 2012, 11:19 am

First game this morning - let's get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#80 Post by deansdaddy » March 29th, 2012, 1:37 pm

First off I want to commend everyone on a fun and informative draft. We have a great lineup with many familar names from the Forums, incoluding all of our "mods".

I went into this draft ready to experiment a little bit. I was going to see what would happen if I chased a little more speed early than normal AND I wanted to see what would happen if I rostered SP's a little earlier rather than waiting. Here's the team

C - J.P. Arencibia
C - AJ Pierzynski
1B- Michael Cuddyer
CI - Adam Lind
3B - Brett Lawrie
2B - Dustin Pedroia
MI - Marco Scutaro
SS - Asdrubal Cabrera
OF - Jacoby Elssbury
OF - Desmond Jennings
OF - Delmon Young
OF - Melky Cabrera
OF - Jason Kubel
UT - Jesus Montero
BN - Mike Carp, Dan Murphy, Ryan Raburn, Nolan Arenado, Andres Torres

P - Verlander, CJ Wilson, Josh Johnson, Mat Latos, Doug Fister, Tim Stauffer, Ricky Nolasco, BN Jair Jurrjens
RP - Ryan Madson, Andrew Bailey, Johnny Venters

I was pretty happy with the experiment, but not sure I would go the samew route if I had it to do over. The nature of the league allowed me to chase upcoming talent without restiction, so I drafted Lawrie, Jennings and Montero, something I likely would not do in a money league.

Madson's injury is obviously a big blow and I'll have to spend big to try and find another closer now.

My offensive bench is very solid and Murphy, Raburn and Carp (even though he's now hurt) should allow me to cover just about any injuries that hit. Arenado looks even closer to the majors with the release of Casey Blake. He'll be up by June 1 I believe.

Like my starters a lot , even though this was one draft where I didn't manage to roster McCarthy. Still I have 4 potential studs at the top here - I think this staff will make a lot of noise.
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