To all the Mothers out there...

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Todd Zola
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To all the Mothers out there...

#1 Post by Todd Zola » May 9th, 2010, 12:09 pm

I hope this day is very special.

And to my own special Mom, I miss you. And I am trying, I really am, but goodness, could I use your help right about now.
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Re: To all the Mothers out there...

#2 Post by da_big_kid_94 » May 9th, 2010, 1:01 pm

I think I understand your sentiment, Todd.

I'm a fortunate man. I had dinner with my 85 year old roto partner yesterday at the Outback. He's a remarkable guy and I've said so on both these on the old boards. I'm also lucky in that he's been remarkably healthy, still has his good fastball and has no need of care taking. He lost my mother back in 95 and his partner last September - and he's still bounced back. But I still miss her as well ...and I hope for all the best to those of you who are caring for a parent - especially those who may be in more need of help than they used to be.

Be strong, people ...and appreciate not only what you do have ...but what you did have.

Happy Mother's Day. And god bless the care givers, for they are the truly under appreciated.
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Re: To all the Mothers out there...

#3 Post by lawr » May 9th, 2010, 10:33 pm

there too, z.

although, i think of my cathy, whom i lost now five years ago.

and, todd actually attended, i think, at least two games with cathy and me. one at the coliseum, one at fenway, so he actually interacted with the best person i have ever known.

one of the things i asked cathy before she passed was not to laugh at me when she was in her superior ethereal being.

"why would i laugh at you?" she asked.

"because without you here i am likely to do more stupid things than i wish, so don't laugh at me when i do.

i think i could use her every day.

on the other hand, she and joey (who went to the red sox/oakland game with todd, cathy, and me) are shining down keeping an eye on my silliness.

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