Happy B-day Willie Mac

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Happy B-day Willie Mac

#1 Post by SteveB » January 11th, 2012, 1:54 am

Sitting at my desk looking at the Willie McCovey bobblehead as he shakes his emphatic head up and down....."can the Giants win it all?" Little bump on the desk and Willie thinks its possible. As a young pup at Candlestick I was fortunant to have really good seats behind home plate with my grandfather's job. I used to wave and yell ..."come on Willie!" and we were so close more times than not he could actually hear. Every once in awhile a big smile, a wave to the fans around us as he strutted into the batters box. He was literally my favorite player and it would be years before another favorite took his place. AS they say ...you never forget your first. So happy B-day to a great player and thanks for all the memories.

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