Dynasty league trades

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Captain Hook

Dynasty league trades

#1 Post by Captain Hook » August 6th, 2015, 1:19 pm

I just inherited a team in an existing dynasty league and would welcome opinions from anyone who plays in that format.

The team won the league last year but in doing so traded away their first three rookie picks this year (four round draft). So the only pick I have is 4.12 which won't get me squat

12 team PPR league with TE getting 1.5 PPR

Brief roster

QB - Aaron Rodgers & Ben Roethlisberger

RB - Arian Foster (now headed to IR) & Justin Forsett and scraps

WR - Jordy Nelson, Roddy White, Anquan Boldin, Andre Johnson and some bit players

TE - Greg Olsen, Julius Thomas, Antonio Gates, & Crocket Gilmore


league does not use kickers

So I have a good team with a huge holes at RB

My first blanket trade attempt was to try and trade Roethlisberger for a starting RB or an early first round pick - crickets except for a guy that offered 2.06 which I quickly rejected

What in your opinion is correct value for Roethlisberger? (#5 in this scoring system last year). Several teams have iffy qb situations

If I don't make a deal there would you trade Rodgers for a RB1?

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