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 Post subject: WEEK FIVE - Ranking Defenses
PostPosted: October 7th, 2012, 5:16 am 
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As per my Fourth and Goal from this week, here is how I rank the top-12 defenses remaining (leaving ARI and STL out).

This is going to be an interesting week as arguably, the three best fantasy D/ST have cake matchups with Baltimore at KC, San Fran vs. Buf and Houston at the Jets.

If you give the the choice of one of these three leading the league in fantasy points or taking the field, I'll take the field. But, if I am ranking, I have to take the Niners as I believe in home field advantage for D/ST units, something I will investigate this week.


1 San Fran
2 Houston J E T S suck suck suck
3 Baltimore (my choice as least likely to end up in top-12 of the big-3)
4 Cinci - that home field thing
5 Giants
6 Minnesota
7 Da Bears
8 New England
9 Pittsburgh
10 Seattle
11 Atlanta
12 Green Bay

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 Post subject: Re: WEEK FIVE - Ranking Defenses
PostPosted: October 7th, 2012, 10:09 am 
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Well first I think you would have to define exactly what a DST gets credit for because there are so many variations (and maybe you did that in the article but I don't remember). Next quality of the opposition is underrated. I think both the Bears and Giants are very good plays this week because they are facing the Jags and Browns. Also playing against erratic or rookie quarterbacks is a factor affecting both sacks and interceptions so the Vikings are also a good play and any of those three I mentioned could have the most points this week although I will agree on the first pick and top three but different order since Cassel can throw several INTs. Anyway, here is my top 12 taking out AZ who I would have had in there (but not STL)

1) San Francisco 49ers - SF vs BUF
2) Baltimore Ravens - BAL at KC
3) Houston Texans - HOU at NYJ
4) Chicago Bears - CHI at JAX
5) New York Giants - NYG vs CLE
6) Minnesota Vikings - MIN vs TEN
7) Green Bay Packers - GB at IND
8) Cincinnati Bengals - CIN vs MIA
9) Philadelphia Eagles - PHI at PIT
10)Seattle Seahawks - SEA at CAR
11)Pittsburgh Steelers - PIT vs PHI
12)New England Patriots - NE vs DEN

 Post subject: Re: WEEK FIVE - Ranking Defenses
PostPosted: October 8th, 2012, 11:41 am 
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Okay back to the discussion of DST scoring (regardless of how poor my teams were this week)

The "standard" scoring - at least in the high stakes arena and that does apply to much cheaper satellite leagues and contests

Sacks - 1 point each
Fumbles recovered - 2 pts each
Interceptions - 2 pts each
Safety - 2 pts each

All TDs (interception, recovered fumbles, punt and kickoff returns) 6 pts

Now some leagues may have small points for "points allowed"
Some have small points for "yards allowed"
And some have much deeper schedules for both of the above
We will leave out yards allowed and use the schedule from the NFFC for points allowed
12 pts for shutout
8 pts for 2-7 points by the opposing team
4 pts for 8-12 points by the opposing team
2 pts for 13-17 points by the opposing team

Tuesday I will list the top twelve teams for Week 5 and the points they received

 Post subject: Re: WEEK FIVE - Ranking Defenses
PostPosted: October 9th, 2012, 10:30 am 
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Twelve Top Scoring DST (from Week 5 excluding St. Louis from TNF)

1) Chicago Bears .......... 29 points
2) Carolina Panthers ..... 18 points
3) Baltimore Ravens ..... 16 points
4) Minnesota Vikings .... 14 points
5) San Francisco 49ers . 13 points
6) Kansas City Chiefs ... 12 points
7) Seattle Seahawks .... 12 points
8) Miami Dolphins ........ 11 points
9) Wash Redskins ........ 11 points
10) Atlanta Falcons ...... 9 points
11) New Orleans Saints . 9 points
12) Pittsburgh Steelers .. 9 points

(hope formatting holds)

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