6x6 H2H Keeper league questions

Get advice specific to your team. This can be opinions on trades, free agent or waiver pickups, who to start or even just "rate my team". It is helpful if you provide sufficient details regarding your league format and team composition.

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6x6 H2H Keeper league questions

#1 Post by clint_g » March 25th, 2017, 9:09 pm

Hey guys, I'm in a 12 team 6x6 H2H total categories keeper league (R, HR, RBI, SB, TB, OBP, Wins, QS, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9) with a couple of tough decisions to make.

First question: Do I keep Harper or Donaldson? I can only keep one per league rules (only allowed 1 1st rd ADP keeper) and ESPN Custom Dollar Value Generator has Donaldson as the #2 hitter at $40 and Harper at $33. I know Donaldson gets a big boost from the total bases, but I can't help thinking that I'll be kicking myself if I lose Harper since it's a keeper league.

Second question: I get to keep 5 players. For sure keeping Harper or Donaldson in the 1st, Trea Turner in the 21st, Jonathan Villar in the 24th, and Joey Votto in the 2nd or 3rd.(depends on what his ADP is by end of next week, currently going as the last pick in the 2nd).
Here are my options for my last keeper, listed in order of which I'm currently considering them:
Gary Sanchez: 27th rd
Seung Hwan Oh: 27th rd
Kyle Hendricks: 18th rd
Noah Syndergaard: 2nd rd
Corey Kluber: 2nd rd.
Leaning Sanchez because I generally would rather keep a hitter than a pitcher, but having the 3rd ranked closer with my last pick is enticing also.

What are your guys' thoughts? Sorry for the long post, but I tried to include all pertinent info since it's not a run-of-the-mill league. Thanks for all the advice, it's greatly appreciated.

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